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We welcome members and friends of all 12 Step programs

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Media Anonymous

Anti- Nutrients (Junk Food) Addicts Anonymous

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MeditationWalk, P.O. Box 26, Spanish, Ontario , P0P 2A0, Canada


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We do not accommodate any group larger than four people. We offer Zen oriented Vipasana retreats, of a few days, to a week or ten days, ideal for individuals and couples who want total immersion into nature. We are surrounded by 3000 acres of forest, lakes, rivers and hills and there are prepared walks to various meditation cribs and rest points, that have tent or log cabin shelters. Gourmet organic meals and study sessions are prepared by your host.  There is no set time or schedules, as we are open year round, but  the guest visits have to be arranged by appointment only.

Winter view from the master meditation room:



Views of Nature

The Incredible Beauty of the True North - Spanish Ontario


Winter at the retreat, with a view of the studio office and ashram base camp:

Media Anonymous Ashram

Meditation Walk

The idea of the Meditation Walk is to see things as they are, without bias, or prejudgment and thus to uplift the vibration of self, from the intellectual material awareness sphere, to the intangible, esoteric, or spiritual realms.

This ancient path, walked everyday in the ancient pacifist traditions, both east and west, takes no notice of date, time, or environmental conditions.

We walk, we breath, in and out and we see what we see ...that is all.


An Introduction from your host and trusted servant:

Meditation walks have helped me and others to get out of the matrix of the virtual reality and get connected to the real world out there. When I first started this practice in the late sixties, it was passed on to me under the guidance of my spiritual mentor and my first 12 step sponsor, who used to take us on meditation walks, to study of comparative religion and philosophy, towards an ecumenical* praxis. Now after many years of recovery experience, I wanted to "share my experience, strength and hope" with others, to pass on this helpful teaching to others.

We have had hundreds of meditation walks with people from all walks of life, but everyday I do my own meditation walk for peace, even if I walk alone. Join me.

Hope to see your smiling faces here ...


The Ecumenical Pacifist Tradition*

There is only now.

All rivers flow to the same sea.

We are all one, citizens of this planet and the bliss of the most high truth, the messiah in each of us, shows us all, that serenity and peace needs to be our primary goal and ultimate reward.

To attain this we need only to see things as they are, with the eye of the heart.

Join us and walk for peace every day with us.

Meditation Walk

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