The Western Geisha Service (t.m.)

An Interactive Design Concept for a Western Geisha Performance (t.m.)

An interactive *Virtual Free U discourse analysis and study in comparative religion and philosophy and the history of theater

"Contrary to popular belief the Geisha is not a prostitute but a very advanced comic performing artist."

Start by creating your own itinerary on at which time you can open a dialogue on the subject
of the philosophical base behind the work of the Western Geisha. Then proceed from there.

...Don't be shy? Ask questions and you will find answers.

Japan's Traditional Entertainer (Houkan/Taikomochi) ARAI, makes a comparison between TAIKOMOCHI and its European version "FOOL/JESTER" and the similarity between the two cultures. Here is a link
with a comparative history of the The Art of the "Geisha" East and West.

This reading may assist you in understanding these High Performance Arts. Note, that in both East and West, it was the disenfranchised monks that became the mendicant entertainers and the originators of these two traditional popular forms of improvisational theater, or Comedia Dell'Arte.


And now see how Dr.Nada a Western Geisha works, on:


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Western Geisha Aesthetic Protocols:

The performing artists cannot proceed without you


..."More truth is said in jest"?

...Perhaps this is one of the only ways, that any "taboo" message, can be opened up for dialogue?

...Apparently, we are to believe that, the horror of the reality is otherwise not able to be assimilated by most,

unless it is "...Sucrose coated..."

...or is it ? :

Some questions that can be asked are:

Where does the line between the drama of liturgical ritual and sacred theater begin and end?

Historically, have the influences of media monopolies and imperial agendas corrupted and adulterated both Religion and Art ? Can you cite some examples in recent times?

Is there any merit to the statement "Art is Religion and Religion is ART." Was there a time when they were both one?

...What are your thoughts?

The Western Geisha Service is dedicated to raise consciousness and funds for the

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