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1 The VFU StudyDesk is a de-design of the rigid traditional academic structures,* interactive but without losing cohesion and continuity of integrity to our guiding principles?

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Below is a Random Sampling of New Student/Mentor Interactive Study Desks. Every one at the VFU* is both a student and a mentor. The Study Desks are interactive learning exchange nodes, you are encouraged to build your own study environments and course programs, create academic interest profiles and participate in global issues via the VFU* Think Tank projects, with some of the finest minds on the planet on board and there is live real time assistance and hundreds of tools available, like FTP accounts, site software and subdomains. Your learning experience potentiality here is unlimited, but it is ultimately what you make it.

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At the VFU* we are aware of the fact that students have to eat ...We are now preparing a web page for the Buroku Real Food Buyers Club so that no one goes hungry or is malnourished with junk food

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