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Procreating Ourselves to Death (t.m.)

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Applied Technethics, De-Design and Human Ecological Recovery

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Random Sampling of Consultation, Conceptualization, Realization and Actualization:

a partial unsorted and unedited list of actions from 1972 to 2010

The worlds first Virtual Free University - first conceptualization and combination of rich media, game theory and design applied to remote learning environments - De-Schoolling and De-Design - Alternative Experimental Communications for the Preservation of Free Thought [and] the Restoration of Public Access to Public Media...

Media Free Times - One of the worlds first experimental interactive multi-media periodicals and a prototype for what are now commonly called Web Pages, E-Zines and Social Rich Media sites without the ads, was conceptualized by g~k~ and associates at the University of California San Jose in 1972 and continued via the University of British Columbia 1973-1975, as a community public media access project entitled Media Free Times and is now still the official E-journal of The PeaceMaker Virtual Free University...Media Free Times multimedia periodical experimental communications de-design, was dedicated to promote public access, to public media and for the preservation of Free Speech and Free Thought through universal de-schooling . "THIS" was an individual attempt to orchestrate the mind numbing cacophony of "Information Overload" ...more

Media Free Times ...

Ad Ban.org - Boycott All Commercial Media - A Precursor of Ad Busters Magazine


MediaAnonymous.org - is a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from the effects of media dependency.

See Also: Anti-Nutrient Addicts Anonymous World Service - AKA JunkFoodAnonymous.org Re.: The belief that there needs to be a graphic representation of the contents in food packages that is visible at a distance to the consumer. The conceptual design of using color coding on a pie chart of food ingredients

War Addicts Anonymous

MeditationWalk.org - Internet Addiction Recovery retreat - combination of Walk and Talk Art Therapy, executive counseling, life coaching services, De-Schooling and 12 Step recovery


The Programmer [Vancouver : Nada Foundation], c1974.(PDF - Digitized, 2009): Creative consultation and conceptualization for the fictionalized "ManMachine v. MachineState" lead roles, first used in the feature films Johnny Mnemonic and The Matrix.

Conceptualization for the first use of computer animation for make-up i.e.: in Newlines The Mask.


F.A.T.H.E.R. - The Foundation for the Advancement of Applied Technethics and Human Ecological Recovery (t.m.)(inc.):

Global Herbal Birth Control Awareness Network - Minus Zero Population Growth Now (t.m.)(Inc.)


The Universal Free Youth (Child) Foundation / Institute (t.m.)(Inc.)- Amendments to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Children


How to Build a Virtual Home An On-Line Survival Manual and Resource Page for Nomadic Citizens of this Planet...


The Lithanian Commons - Lietuviu Vaidila a historical - anthropological analysis of the true Vaidila (Vaidia) of the so called Baltic Religion

Collective Neutrality vs. NATOism :

A Neutral Eastern European Union combined with the restoration of the The Canadian Neutrality League

Ban Weapons of Mass Destruction = Ban Weapons of Mass Distraction ( The Media Monopoly )


IBM proposal: The Information Card for the control of STD's (in development)


Solar Energy and Steam Power Systems - restoration project (in development)


Alternative Currency Design project - early 80's consultation ...the conceptualization of a NADA currency, based on creative energy units i.e.: see Technocracy Inc. , esp. for remote learning

...similar to the experimental "Cogent" now being used at Purdue University / CGT 411 - 450


nada notes

The Western Geisha Project - The Virtual Free University - creative fair - film and television - performing arts workshop - sober companion training and service

NADA(ist) Manifesto for Peace: a Phenomenological Media Ethics Work - Religion is ART and Art is Religion - Ecumenical Pacifism - Nadaism

many more...


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