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Subject: F.Y.I. Attn.: Shai Reshef Re.:The Worlds First Virtual Free University


Hi Shai Reshef:


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We are pleased to be informed of your "....Worlds First  Free Virtual University."


The University of the People


Please be informed that we are "..The Worlds First Virtual Free University."


The PeaceMaker Virtual Free University

The Worlds First and Oldest Virtual Free University

*The Virtual Free U (t.m.)(inc.)

in the resistance against indoctrination since 1967

Established 1972


For the sake of clarity we have added your link to our home page and would appreciate it

if you would do like wise, by adding our domain name links to your pages also:




For the benefit of our students we  look forward to our mutual interchange of resources

and wish you all the best.


Thank You

George Kasey

Founding Member & President

The PeaceMaker Virtual Free University



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