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The "*ai" (Artificial Ignorance) Series Project a live action motion picture

"To End Global Poverty and Live in Peace" (t.m.).


Working Title:

Procreating Ourselves to Death (t.m.)

writer director producer



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Random Samplings of partially edited correspondence, in reply to a queries received about "ai" :

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Aloha P~ N~ et al :

Welcome to PeaceMaker Virtual Free University*

...Is this photo, from your webpage, of you?

Also the subject matter in the "ai" thesis is taboo and is in the face of the

pharmaceutical and imperial religionist war monger interests and "THEY" control the media monopoly,

that controls the Film industry. So i want you to know what the odds are.

However you are part of this story if you choose to be.

georgie ;o)


(*"ai" is in lower case to demark it as not "AI" )



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More Notes about The "ai" Project :


"...We do not have a climate crisis, we have a population crisis..."

What plans if any, does this administration have to release to the public, the Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming? That the root cause is a Global Population Crisis, rather than an Energy Crisis? Will there be any organized effort put in place, to dispel the scientifically false rhetoric about minus zero population growth and procreative rights? i.e.: The decades, if not centuries, of Artificial Ignorance about herbal emmenagogues, generated by the Media Monopolies that are controlled by the profit motives of Pharmaceutical and Drug interests? For further information please see: http://AdBan.org

....by way of introduction .. in the cultivation "FreeThought" v."artificial ignorance" i.e. Toxic Advertising, indoctrination that postures as education, imperial religiosity that supports the agendas of warmongers etc. etc. etc. ...

.The result of over population is the Man-Machine reality of the industrial matrix. In 1972 the Club of Rome, introduced the concept of -ZPG in The Limits of Growth... in answer to this crisis, our first film thesis on this subject, that we introduced in Media Free Times in the '70's in Vancouver ---under the original working title The Programmer --to the now famous sci-fi writers that supposedly coined the term The Matrix

.."ai" or Artificial Ignorance is an original working title for the continuation of this original film thesis that does not dupe the public into believing that "The Matrix" is a metaphor. We are living in the Brave New World of The Matrix NOW!!! Wake Up People and Smell the Gasoline!!!

The term, "The Matrix" was 1st introduced as a concept in Galbraith's book "The New Industrial State" ...it was my effort back then to create a film thesis based on this concept. The roots of the idea of the "Man-Machine" correlation to overpopulation - in the writings of S.P.R Charter and other, also unknown writers like Helvetius and Condorcet.

Someone once wrote in a blog about The Matrix that "...it must have been someone in outer space that inspired the brothers to make The Matrix, to let everyone know that we are All still in the pod." ...that someone in "outer space" was yours truly.

.. the media "logline" for the thesis as it stands now is "...overpopulation creates man-machines...only de-schooling See De-School.net can save the planet by restoring to 6 billion kids their ancestral birthright of the suppressed knowledge of herbal birth control...and to universally establish the childbearing age between 24-35..."



Whatever you do in terms of facilitating this project(s) completion, will be remunerated in keeping with reference to current industry, union and equity standards, as well as the point system ( these are negotiable terms) and the appropriate titles and credits will be given in the final production(s).

If you do decide to quit at any time please me know with a simple e-mail, with the word "quits" and all references will be removed from my files.

Thank You for sharing and again welcome on board.

One Day at a Time - Under Grace

George Kasey (t.m.)

writer/director/producer /principal

"*Artificial Ignorance "

a live action motion picture "To End Global Poverty and Make Peace" (t.m.).

HeartCalm productions communications



update 080524:


From: P~N~

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>Hi GK,

>Unfortunately, no... that is not a photo of me but of a pretty, young model whose hair I did for a photo shoot. I have attached a picture of me so you can put a face with the name.

>I will do all I can to spread the word of this amazing project. If you can give me specific direction that you would like for me to take, I will do what I can? >Sincerely,



Reply To P~N~:


Anonymous, Personal & Confidential

Bcc PhilJ~,XH,S~B~,MFT

(c)'08 MFT - All World Rights Reserved

Your reply reminded me of our society's constant "comparing and competing" and is part of the "ai" issue of the negative media effects on our lives, it is what we call "artificial co-dependency", that we have learned from the media bombardment we received as children.

...in recovery we learn not to compete or compare or to measure ourselves by worldly standards. In terms of my work in media ethics, our Media Addicts Anonymous 12 step program and AdBan we have been attempting to undo the roots of some of this toxic media fallout, why "diet" is a billion dollar industry...but mostly we have had to work on my own recovery from it. That has been a very large influence in the imagineering on the "ai" project.

We often get the question ..."do you think that these things are done deliberately? That this is a conspiracy by design?" we just have to remind them of the 10 million people in the Black Holocaust that were enslaved to work "Big Sugar" ( Sucrose= Drug ), of the sophisticated top secret management of the Manhattan Project and the elaborate design of torture instruments used on so called "witches".

Believe us, the Inquisition, in the form of the media monopoly of Drug Cartel profit interests, is very much alive and well TODAY.

i.e.: See, perhaps one of the most important books of the 20th CE in terms of social change, Margaret Sangers Book The Pivot of Civilization - now not available in book stores, replaced by other works that claim she was into Nazi Eugenics...judge for yourself :

Attachment: Sanger.exe (278 KB)    [ Download ]



We do not think that paranoia and fear is a virtue, as it is a sign that we are not connected to our Higher Power, but on the other hand we need to remember that the Pharmaceutical industry media monopoly is the same medical monopoly (Sucrose and Drug cartel - Sucrose is a Drug - Sucrose = Soma ) that used the inquisition to wipe out the Herbal Lore of our ancestors.

...all these themes are elements of the "ai" project and they may add drama but we must be also vigilant because they are also real

It is wise to seek direction in all things from a Higher Power ( however you define it - as an atheist it could be GOD as in G.ood O.orderly D.irection, as long as it is "a power greater than yourself" and not a GOD of the lower [beast] self i.e.: G.old O.il and D.rugs ...the "ai" project is definitley controversial and there is definite danger in confrontation with "The Big Boys with the Big Toys" ) In other words follow your intuitive wisdom and it will protect you and your career...under grace.

Media Anonymous (archives)

To take courage and anonymously act as though the moneys are in place ...that all the people in my association are worth a million as a result of being part of the "ai" project and to let them know, as an oral journalist, that they are invited to a recovery from media domination ...that it only takes two to have a meeting of ...Media Anonymous

That it is about recovery from "addiction to media", the "extensions of the human" ...this also includes those who 's God is G.old O.il and D.rugs

...we know that the profit system is the core issue that "the love of money is the root of all evil" but we also know that these addictions are diseases. In that sense all are welcome to the 12 steps ...the most debased "bankers","imperial religionists" and warmongers ...human monsters, that are in reality very sick puppys ...like the man who let the three towers be "pulled" in 9-11 for the sake of profit ....because as it is written in 12 step literature "...no matter how far down the scale we have gone...there is a possibility to recover ...if we are honest with ourselves ..."

So it is not about being a martyr or a "dogooder" i.e.: taking Radical Spiritual Christianity, or Taoism and Buddhism and turning it into a political crusade - as we see in the ultra right evangelism, or the militant Islamic fundamentalism or political Fulan Gong in China ...Political agendas render radical spiritual movements immediately no longer spiritual, but the antithesis of spirituality and by so doing take the wind out of the sails of spiritual revolution, which is based not on conflict, but on the raising of consciousness.Peacmakers need to fly like birds away from predatory cats and if neccessary deflecting any aggression away from us, like in Aikido, an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury.

I.e.: In truly fundamental radical spiritual Judaism, Christianity and Islam - that are all based on the ethics of the Mosaic Ethics - "Thou shalt not kill" - War (struggle for material gain) is an oxymoron.

The scriptural text, that is often quoted by imperial religionist warmongers on both sides, referring to "the sword and the fire" of spiritual conquest, is and always has been translated, in the root core of the these ancient ecumenical pacifist traditions, as "the sword of truth and the fire of love."

Mentioning these philosophical points will give a you broader perspective of the study involved in counteracting the effects of "ai" in our lives and the scope of the goals of our production project.The intellectual property in the "ai" project is a synthesis of this recovery process.

We realize that we cannot fix anyone else, that we cannot even fix ourselves and that "only a power greater than our selves could restore us to sanity" and having had a spiritual awakening we can only then carry the message to other addicts. "Peace Begins at Home" we start with our own recovery. All are welcome to the Media Addicts Anonymous recovery program, provided they want what we have ...freedom from addiction to media fetishism.


It is the business of the artist to bring the light down from the heavens ...we see a young man ...weaving through the downtown crowd of drones yesterday ... recognize the energy that translates into dynamic screen presence ...he asked for some change ...we asked "are you an artist [actor]?" ...he answered "sort off"

" no...you are a serious artist and you are in serious trouble..." He immediately smiled and understood.

...to any one that gets involved with the "ai" project we want to reiterate that "...you are a serious artist and you are in serious trouble.."

A different rendering of the serenity prayer used in 12 step circles that my :

"God grant me the SANITY to accept the things i cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things i can and the WISDOM to know the difference."

"Thy will, Not My will be done."

What is "Thy Will" ?

That is, in the case of addicts, the oposite of "My Will"

Under Grace

Welcome On Board

gk / The "ai" Project ;-)



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