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George Kasey (t.m.)

Founder of The Virtual Free University

Atended The World Parliament of Religions in 1993


Media Ethicist: Writer / Director / Producer / Sociologist - Ecologist - Historian / Mentor

Executive and Creative Consultant / "Spoken Word" Performing Artist / Conceptualist / Deep Thinker




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AKA: Procreating Ourselves to Death (t.m.)

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Applied Technethics, De-Design and Human Ecological Recovery

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George Kasey "...Thank you George. Penelope [Cruz] has reviewed your material ( Feature Film treatment - working title "Emmenagogues") and understands the importance of it..."

Katrina Bayonas agent for Penelope Cruz


More Greenwashing

Corporations and governmtnets are missing the point in terms of SR

Note: -ZPG is not applicable to indigenous peoples that have already been reduced to well below -ZPG

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The Virtual Free University Think Tank

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overpopulation and artificial ignorance

> DRAFT - Work In Progress -The Universal Free (Child) Youth Institute (t.m.)- Amendments to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Children


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DRAFT Screen Play Treatment for Comedy

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Emmenagogues (t.m.)(Inc.)

A Live Action Motion Picture for Global Distribution





An Open letter in Reply to the President of the United States - Re.: Free and Open Education




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We would like to acknowledge Bruce Willis et al for the contributing to the commonweal, via the feature film Surrogates as per media ethics suggestions made on Media Free Times v33 n4

Anti-Nutrients Anonymous

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1948 - 1984

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George Kasey, is an international writer - producer - director / media ethicist / executive and creative consultant - mentor / conceptualist and thinker based in Toronto, Ontario . Kasey is the author-publisher of Media Free Times (est.1972) a pioneering experimental E-Journal in the field of applied media technethics and human ecological recovery. A former member of the Directors Guild of Canada. He operates various virtual companies, including HeartCalm productions communications and The PeaceMaker Virtual Free University.


He is a Founding Member of Media Anonymous World Service, a 12 Step Program for recovery from media addiction and Anti-Nutrients Anonymous AKA Sucrose ("Junk Food") Addicts Anonymous.  

Please note: To protect our anonymity we have been using the pseudonym George Kasey (t.m.) Since 1984


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