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The Really Inconvenient Truth

About Natural Birth Control and Global Warming 

A Production Thesis for a DocuDrama on Population and War ( IMDb Link)

"The Human Right to Knowledge of Natural Procreative Hygiene"

Based on a George Kasey - Virtual Free University - Media Ethics Foundation Course

presentation at

The World Parliament of Religions

Salt Lake City - Oct., 16, 2015

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Format: Lecture

Abstract: The greatest violence against women and children, on a par with rape and sexual abuse, is the irresponsible procreation encouraged via mass media and obsolete laws in large parts of the planet today. This is brought about through disinformation on the availability of free and natural herbal birth control.

Yes we have been "informed" that we have an "energy crisis", or a "climate change crisis" ; but what we really have is a population crisis and yet no attempt to discuss the taboo subject of global population reduction and the way it can be achieved

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