Sugar Addicts Anonymous(t.m.)

Sugar ("Sucrose") Addiction 12 Step Recovery Program

12 Step recovery from chemical media addiction to physical & mental "junk food ">>


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AntiNutrient Addicts Anonymous / Media Anonymous

AntiNutrient Addicts Anonymous(t.m.)
Antinutrient (Sucrose) Addicts Anonymous World Services* (t.m.)(inc.)

*AKA: Sugar ( "Sucrose ", "Junk Food" ) Addicts Anonymous (t.m.)

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Surface mail: P.O. Box 26, Spanish, Ontario , P0P 2A0, Canada


"You are no longer alone." Sucrose is a Drug and is considered to be the root of many other addictions.

The PREAMBLE of Anti-Nutrient*Addicts Anonymous (t.m.)

Anti-Nutrient*Addicts Anonymous* (t.m.) is a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from the effects of addiction or dependency on (synthetic refined foods*) anti-nutrients(*).

Serenity Prayer


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Pls. Note : "Junk Food" Anonymous is a seperate program and not directly associated to Media Anonymous (t.m.) or Overeaters Anonymous (t.m.) but members are encouraged to join these programs as they provide the necessary support and guidlines for recovery.



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Media Addicts Anonymous

A 12 Step Media / Power Addiction Recovery Program World Service (t.m.)(inc.)

AKA: Power Addicts Anonymous* (t.m.)(inc.)

recovery from addiction to physical and mental "junk food "

the original 12 Step Program for Media / Power Addiction


This is The Portal Out of The Matrix:

The only oasis in cyberspace for the media / internet

addicts who want to come home to the real world.

( media addition i.e.: internet / VR / fantasy / power fetish / money )