Permission to Breathe

Meditation Retreat for Powerbrokers

Not the same as power addiction.

Base camp surrounded by 3,000 acres 
of untouched nature, lakes , rivers, foothills.
 3 km. from the Spanish river marina. 

Four person limit, based on mutual aid,
donations go to the not for profit society.


Non denominational, guided meditation walks & talks.

Unadulterated integral yoga,

True radical vipasana.

Herbal Lore

12 Step programs.

Open advanced study, contemplation and interfaith dialogue on comparative religion and philosophy.

pH Balanced meals .

Learn and Teach

A Virtual Free University* Think Tank "'Peace Games" Project
  • Peer to Peer mindfulness learning exchange
  • We are all student / mentors, share with some of the finest minds.
  • Based on models pioneered in 12 step programs and ancient oral traditions, both east and west.
  • Home of Media Anonymous World Service

    12 Step Program for Recovery from Media / Power Addiction

    The Portal Out of The Matrix:

    The only oasis in cyberspace for the media / internet addicts who want to come home to the real world.

    ( media addition i.e.: internet / VR / fantasy / power fetish / money )

  • Meditation Walk

    Media Anonymous Logo

    The idea of the Meditation Walk is to see things as they are, without bias, or prejudgment and thus
    to uplift the vibration of self, from the intellectual material awareness sphere, to the intangible, esoteric, or spiritual realms.

    This ancient path, walked everyday in the ancient pacifist traditions, both east and west, takes no notice of date, time, or environmental conditions.

    We walk, we breathe, in and out and we see what is there to see ...that is all.


  • Anti-Nutrients Anonymous

    The original Sugar (Sucrose) Addicts Anonymous 12 step program, now integrated into Media Anonymous i.e.: zero tolerance of "Junk food" for the body and the mind.