Voices From The Green Zone - part 1
ViFrU Ellul colloquy 210121
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Since 1972 The Virtual Free University* (Think Tank )has been dedicated to peaceful open dialogue on critical issues and is based on mutual aid.
The "Voices From The Green Zone" part of the ViFrU* foundation course in media ethics (technethics)for human ecological recovery.
The foundation course in media ethics is open to all. Please keep an open mind.
...the civil war that was to emancipate three million slaves cost the lives of five million and destroyed the lives and property of many millions more...we have not recovered from the generational damage ...yet we still have slavery today... there were many advocates for peaceful settlement, to purchase freedom for the enslaved and to compensate property owners over a hundred year period...these voices were dismissed and the hot headed war mongers succeeded in pushing a very profitable war. In this lecture we are open to listen to both sides of the argument , left or right , provided it is peaceful dialogue.

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