Half a century ago computer intelligence, relative to animal and human capabilities rated between a tapeworm and an earwig but an interesting comparison was made*:

“tapeworms and computers have some interesting points in common. In the first place both are relatively immobile – the tapeworm just sits there attached to the intestine, while the computer just sits …[in].. its air conditioned room. Both are fed by things that are not tapeworms or computers, and can therefore be classified as parasitic”
Hatch (1979) * ISBN: 0-671-42184-0 Pg.195

Advertisers report that AI now has increased in IQ to human capacity, but the question remains…has it become a more effective tool, or a more efficient parasite.

For the media addict this question is critical, In order to discern if media is life-enhancing or dis-ease inducing.

It is suggested that personal media usage be tabulated and categorized in terms of priorities, just as time management or spending tables are used for planning. If a library of material is sitting and occupying space ….how much does that space cost to maintain. More to the point how much life energy and time is being consume by junk media i.e.: meds, plug-in drugs, anti-nutrients …what are you getting for your investment? Health or Dis-ease?

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